Compression Stockings and Support Hose
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LympheDIVAs Arm Sleeves, Gloves & Gauntlets

The story of LympheDIVAs began in Philadelphia when two young breast cancer survivors, Rachel Troxell and Robin Miller, developed lymphedema, a side effect of breast cancer treatment that can cause permanent swelling in the arms. Their physicians and lymphedema therapists recommended a compression sleeve as the most effective way of controlling the swelling. When they researched the options for the sleeve they found that the only ones available were rough textured, heavy, hot, beige, and bandage-like. Frustrated and dismayed over the lack of options they had for compression sleeves, Robin and Rachel met with Kristin Dudley, a fashion designer, to discuss their idea of creating a more elegant and comfortable compression sleeve.

LympheDIVAs arm sleeves, gloves and gauntlets are not only aesthetically unique but are medically advanced and very comfortable as well. Available in both 20-30mmHg and 30-40mmHg, all LympheDIVAs garments have a lightweight, breathable knit with 360 degree stretch and moisture wicking, keeping arms cool and dry. All items are latex and silicone-free and infused with Aloe vera for added skin softness. LympheDIVAs is proud to offer their new glove option with all the stunning features of their arm sleeves plus a completely seamless design which reduces binding, finger webbing irritation and provides an extra dose of comfort.
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